10 Facts about HIVAids in Malawi

Banja La Mtsogolo
Banja La Mtsogolo

1 Million people are living with HIV.

9.6% of the adult population between the ages of 15 and 49 have HIV.

57 Years old is the male life expectancy, this is attributed to HIV as the cause.

60 Years old is the female life expectancy, this is attributed to HIV as the cause.

70% of people living with HIV in Malawi were aware of their status, of which 89% were on treatment.

36 000 New infections were recorded in 2016, down from 98 000 in 2005.

67% of all new HIV infections is caused by unprotected heterosexual sex between married or cohabiting partners

4,300 new paediatric infections in 2016, compared with 16,000 in 2010.

22% of women and 15% of men experiencing sexual violence before the age of 18.

1 in 5 men who have sex with men are living with HIV.

If you think you have HIV Aids or would like more information then we suggest you visit one of these website or clinics for further information.

Banja La Mtsogolo
Partners in Hope
Project HOPE
Marie Stopes
Ministry of Health and Population
Zomba Central Hospital, Zomba – Telephone: +265 1 526 266/525 195
Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Blantyre – Telephone: +265 1 876 213
Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe – Telephone: +265 1 753 400/555/744
Mzuzu Central Hospital, Mzuzu – Telephone: +265 1 320 916/998


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