10 largest forests by square miles


10. Sinharaja Forest Reserve

 Size: 34 square miles
 Forest Type: Tropical Lowland Rainforest
 Location: Sri Lanka
 Prominent Wildlife: Sri Lanka Crested Drongo and Green Pit Viper

9. Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest

Size: 74 square miles
 Forest Type: Cloud Forest
 Location: South America
 Prominent Wildlife: Quetzals and Basilisks

Over 450 different types of birds find sanctuary in the Cloud Forest, as well as a wide variety of orchids.

8. Kinabalu National Park

 Size: 291 square miles
 Forest Type: Mountain Rainforest
 Location: Asia
 Prominent Wildlife: Proboscis Monkeys and Rhinoceros Beetles.

7. Daintree Forest

 Size: 463 square miles
 Forest Type: Wet Tropics Rainforest
 Location: Australia
 Prominent Wildlife: Saltwater Crocodiles and Southern Cassowaries

6. Rainforest of Xishuangbanna

 Size: 927 square miles
 Forest Type: Tropical Rainforest
 Location: Asia
 Prominent Wildlife: Asian Elephants, Indo-Chinese Tigers, and Green Peacocks

5. Sundarbans

 Size: 3,861 square miles
 Forest Type: Halophytic Mangrove Rainforest
 Location: Asia and India
 Prominent Wildlife: Bengal Tiger and Water Monitor Lizard

4. Tongass

Size: 26,278 square miles
 Forest Type: Temperate Rainforest
 Location: North America
 Prominent Wildlife: Orcas, wolves, and beavers

3. Valdivian Temperate Rainforest

 Size: 95,800 square miles
 Forest Type: Temperate Rainforest
 Location: South America
 Prominent Wildlife: Southern Pudú, Kodkod, and Wild Boars.

2. Congo Rainforest

 Size: 781,249 square miles
 Forest Type: Tropical Rainforest
 Location: Africa
 Prominent Wildlife: Leopards, Okapi, and Hippos

1. Amazon Rainforest

 Size: 2,300,000 square miles
 Forest Type: Broad-leaf Rainforest
 Location: South America
 Prominent Wildlife: Jaguars and Tapirs

The Amazon Rain-forest is the largest forest in the world. On top of being recognized for its size, the Amazon is also acknowledged as being one of the single most important forests in Earth’s global climate.


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