12 interesting similarities between President Uhuru and former US President Obama You should know


1.Both are Kenyans

2.Both men were born in 1961, Uhuru on 26th October 1961 and Barack on 4th August 1961.

3. Both their wives were born in 1964, Margaret Kenyatta on 9th April 1964 and Michelle Obama on 17th January 1964.

4. Both men are left-handed

5. Both men are Christians, though interestingly, both men do not have Christian names. Uhuru Kenyatta’s full names are Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, while Barack Obama’s full names are Barack Hussein Obama.

6. Both men are from two big Kenyan tribes. Uhuru is a Kikuyu, while Barack is a Luo.

7. ” Word on the streets” has it that Uhuru drank heavily during his youth, while “word on the streets” has it that Barack smoked marijuana in his youth.

8. Both men have an excellent command of the English language and both men are excellent orators in English.

9. Both men’s fathers had four wives. Jomo Kenyatta’s wives were Grace Wahu, Edna Grace Clarke, Grace Wanjiku and Ngina, while Barack Senior’s wives were Keziah, Ann, Ruth and Jael.

10. Both the senior Kenyatta and the senior Obama were heavy drinkers at certain stages in their lives, with a preference for spirits such as whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, and brandy.

11. Both men are humble and down to earth, men of the people.

12. Both men are sporting types. Uhuru played rugby for the school team at St. Mary’s School, Nairobi, Kenya, during his high-school days, while Barack has been playing basketball since his high-school days.


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