137,000 television sets for distance learning in Uganda


Uganda’s government will purchase more than 137,000 television sets to provide distance learning as proposed by the President of the Country Yoweri Museveni, report says.

Speaking via a televised address on Monday during the postponing of the reopening of schools as he had directed mid last month, the president said that the children will have to study under distance learning program for an additional month on TVs and radios.

He outlined some proposals such as the provision of a TV set to each village and radio to every home. Museveni said that the problem of the radio is the lack of vision.

“The problem with radio is that you just hear but you don’t see but with TV you hear and see, like you are in a classroom,” noted President Museveni.

According to Museveni, there are fears that TV sets might cause children’s congregations, thereby undermining social distancing. On addition to that, he expressed his hope that it will be easy to spot the infected child since they are from the same village. Uganda has a total of 68,733 villages.

President Museveni said that the government will do arrangements pertaining to the welfare of the candidates in the 40 districts bordering Uganda.


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