30 villagers killed in Mali attacks


Central Mali has been the hot spot for attacks as again unidentified attacks claimed at least 30 lives on Wednesday.

The attacks took place in the Bankass region but it has not been discovered who the armed assailants were in the attack, but an investigation is underway. However, it was reported that the group of assailants travelled in pick-up trucks and ambushed four villages.

The thirty deaths in different villages were confirmed by senior government officials on anonymity condition, noting that the attack left property damages as well.

Last month, the United Nations said the central Mali attacks have so far claimed nearly 600 lives this year. The attacks are usually caused by ethnic communities.

This week’s attack targeted villages populated by Dogon ethnic groups, though officials have not yet blamed any group concerning the attack.

Mali is seemingly hit by two threats, attacks and the deadly coronavirus as it has already registered 2,285 infections, 117 deaths and 1,507 fatalities.


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