40 people arrested in Zanzibar for ambushing and injuring the ruling party’s supporters


Police in Pemba Zanzibar on Thursday 24, 2020 arrested 49 suspects who are claimed to have ambushed and injured a group of people that were said to be supporting the ruling party CCM in the country.

According to the Police Commander in Tanzania Simon Sirro, the suspects used pangas and cut the CCM supporters who were coming from one of the Mosques in the northern Pemba in Zanzibar.

Sirro urged all Tanzanians to maintain peace especially during this period of elections. “We have arrested 40 of them, and we have settled everything in the area and security is tight there. The issue of peace is the noblest thing which should be maintained by everyone,” Sirro noted.

This happened a day after the opposition side’s promise to unite all opposition parties to compete with the ruling party.

Opposition party ACT-Wazalendo chairman Ditto Kabwe on Wednesday announced that on October 3, all opposition parties will hold a meeting whereby they will present one presidential contester in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam, Zitto Kabwe said that they have agreed on that as opposition parties and only one contester from the united opposition political parties will fly the presidential flag.