5 common factors influencing the youth into drug abuse and trafficking


A drug is any substance that changes the normal functioning of the body. Some common drugs include bhang, cigarette, alcohol, cocaine, heroin. Here are the factors influencing the youth today;

1. Peer pressure

Most of the youth are just influenced by their peers who live a particular life so they tend to live like them.

So if they do abuse drugs, they end up doing the same without considering the side effects of the same.

2. Lack of education

Most of the youth do not know the causes of drugs abuse for them to avoid, neither do they know the effects of the same so they just engage themselves into it without having any idea.

3. Ignorance

Having no knowledge about drugs abuse and trafficking is another frustrating factor that encounters the young people today.

4. Advancement of technology

This affects the youth when they view what is happening on online platforms like people trafficking drugs in movies and the like.

So then, they tend to copy from the same, regardless of the side effects.

5. Mob psychology

Thinking as a group is very hazardous because today, the youth sit down and decide to deal with drugs and they do. They all agree upon a particular decided idea but the consequences face them one by one like diseases, arrest and such forth.

Therefore, it is an appeal to each and everyone to think much before making a particular agreed-upon decision especially the illegal attempts because it can cause a lot of negative than positive effects.


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