5 reasons why politics is a dirty game


In all democratic countries, they hold elections after every scheduled duration. For instance in Tanzania and Kenya elections are held after every five years and the presidents’ reign for a maximum of 10 years.

Politics tend to be dirty but this can be turned to clean by voting for the best-qualified campaigners and the leaders as well do their responsibilities accordingly.

1. Lies during campaigns

 During campaigns, politicians make a lot of vague promises to their citizens like amending infrastructures, rising country’s economy and such forth. When they take the positions they forget everything and just enjoy the national cake alone.


2. Oppositions joining each other.

During campaigns and normal days before and after elections, oppositions tend to criticize each other. But after some time, they bury the hatchet, keep their differences apart and join together.

A good example is when the opposition leader of ODM Party in Kenya His Excellency Raila Odinga shook hand with his close opposer the President of the Republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta despite the insults and all sorts of dirty and harsh language to the President.


3. Selfishness and personal interest

At the moment they get in the various positions in the ruling government, they just change their notion of intending to serve the nation but instead, they just tend to embezzle the funds and use the public funds and other public resources to benefit themselves.


4. Votes rigging

Electoral fraud is the daily talk of the day after elections conductions in many parts of African countries. This erupts a lot of misunderstandings hence conflicts among the different party leaders and citizens themselves. It is very pathetic when it comes to this situation because unqualified and out of people’s interest.


5. Underground politicians friendship

The politicians from different political parties you see around have very secretive friendship among or between themselves. They never disclose this affair to the public so the citizens remain bearing in mind that the leaders are enemies while it is not at all.

 Therefore, peace, love, and unity are what every person needs in life and so it is an advice that the politics should turn from being dirty to clean from 2020 henceforth.


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