6 noble things to consider in one’s partner before proposal for marriage


A relationship is a situation whereby two or more parties come into the union for a particular activity with set goals for achievement.

A marriage relationship is commonly between a man and women and it takes time for the parties to study and evaluate each other.

This is with consideration to the factors below.

1. Honesty

The state of being true and transparent to one’s partner. One should always remain honest to their partner so as to have a bright life together.

One should be known in each other’s families by all family members.

2. Faithfulness

One should be faithful in such a way that they can keep secret and be focused on the set goals together for achievement.

3. True Love

Does the partner has a true love for their partner? Love is a very crucial thing because it implies good care and protection for one another.

4. Respect

Self-respect and to others ensures that one will never scorn their partners.

It also means that one will never disrespect their parents in law neither will they to other relatives in the families they are married to.

5. Responsibility

This means commitments to what one is assigned or supposed to do.

Therefore, an affair is a responsibility one commits themselves into and so one is supposed to take care of what they have as partners.

6. Kindness

Being loyal, kind and generous to one another is another factor influencing the strong relationship.

No one should have the superiority complex whatsoever since stereotyping is what pulls people back in terms of development.

It should be noted that the only regretted mistake one can do is choosing the wrong person to marry because it remains to be a headache in the family since one cannot be returned to her family for exchange.

So then, people should be very keen in choosing the right person to marry.


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