7 Journalism values that every journalist should apply


In the journalism profession, a journalist should have various values acquired through specialized training.

Balance is applied through reflecting the community’s wholeness which incorporates the good, the bad and the profoundly ordinary.

Accuracy/ Authenticity
This is not getting facts right but getting and providing the right facts. Giving accurate information with accurate data and statistics is what should be always encouraged by all people.

Leadership/ Agenda-setting
This is the need to be vigilant in shedding light on the problems of their communities. A journalist should never hide bad issues distressing the society but should always reveal all things behind the curtain, for a solution to be reached.

This is the ability to connect people to community issues, providing a window on the world. They should report everything concerning society without hesitation because that’s what it entails them to do.

Building trust requires accurate and consistent coverage over time. Therefore it is the responsibility of a journalist to ensure the building of self-trust to the public so as to be in a good position to be considered by the sources when requiring information from them.

It acts as a filter through which the value of balance, accuracy, leadership and accessibility.
There are claims all over that journalism is not a profession but if all journalists will consider these values, they will serve the public professionally and therefore they will be given the title they deserve.

When a journalist writes a story, they should be responsible for the consequences. So by realizing this, they will have to ensure that no one is negatively affected by the information aired.


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