7 Noble World’s international activities


These are the activities that are carried out and experienced by different people in different parts of the world due to the simplified international communication.

1. Religious activities

In religious activities, we have preaching, fasting, international crusades, vigils, and religious meeting. Here Christians and maybe Muslims from different parts of the world interact for these various international activities.

2. Sports and games activities

These sports games include Olympic, world cup, UEFA, English Premier League (EPL), and more others. So different sportspeople, clubs and teams interact and perform competing at different levels

3. Education activities

International activities like seminars, international conferences, and lectures as well as different workshops are other important activities that unite people or governments across borders.  for example a lecturer from Europe lecturing African students in Tanzania.

4. Social activities

These activities include intermarriages whereby people intermarry from different parts of the world, regional festivals, for example, East Africa has got talent festival. Cocktail and get together is another activity that involves friends who meet after a long time without seeing each other.

5. Business issues.

Involves importation and exportation of goods and services across nations. For instance, most of the African countries import electric devices from Japan and China, also vehicles.

On the other hand, African countries like Tanzania export different products especially agricultural products like coffee.

6. International war and crisis

This is the most negative part of international communication because it causes a lot of deaths and damages. For instance the current Iran versus USA crisis whereby there is nuclear bombing to each other. Many people get tension and fear to travel across the involved nations.

7. Health issues

Ebola, malaria, and STDs are common infectious diseases in the world and so people transmit the disease among themselves so through international communication, this is understood by the people and they take precautions. Also, experts are fled to where there is a worse situation of these diseases.



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