75 Boko Haram members thrashed by Nigerian military


Nigerian military spokesman John Enenche said in a statement on Sunday, July 5 that the Nigerian troop killed 75 members of the Boko Haram terrorist group that has been instilling fear in the country for decades now.

In June alone, the troops ambushed the North-Eastern region of the country. In the attack, the military rescued 35 captives and 16 children, according to Enenche.

He advised the local communities to keep on providing timely information about the troops to the military for effective encounters.

Boko Haram has been a threat in the North-Eastern region of Nigeria since 2009 and it has extended its claws to other parts of the Western African region.

However, it has received a harsh response from the military but it has not yet vanished.

The group has killed thousands of people and caused millions of residents in Nigeria to flee to other neighbouring countries. The violence has led to a lot of destructions in Africa that has caused deterioration of the economy.

According to Enenche, one officer in the Nigerian military was killed and another wounded. Nigeria has a total of 28,165 Coronavirus infections, 634 fatalities and 11,462 recoveries.


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