750 Voters certificates abandoned in Mangochi

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750 Voters certificates were found in Mangochi West on the 2nd of January 2019 in a primary school called Chemawanu by the cleaner. The school had been used which had been used where an MEC verification process has taken place.

As reported by Nyasa Times, details shows that the serial number of the certificate is 134252 and all of them are from Mlale Centre, Bunda Ward in Lilongwe constituency.

People’s views
According to Zodiak reporter from Mangochi, most people are insinuating that workers from MEC are the ones who abandoned the envelope with the certificates because it is the usual place that people usually register for elections and elections are also done on the same school. Even teachers were questioned if they are aware of what just happened.

2019 Elections Tweet
2019 Elections Tweet

What is MEC saying?
MEC spokesperson Sangwani Mwalfulirwa said that he just heard and saw the news on the social media but he knew nothing about the issue whole story yet.

‘As an institution, we are still investigating on the matter because none of us is aware of what happened for such number of certificates to be found in Mangochi,’ it is something confusing,’ Mwalfulirwa said.

However, this simply shows that the 2019 elections will have more casualties.


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