8 Historical Sites to Visit in Africa

Artistic picture of Africa
Artistic picture of Africa
  1. Fort Jesus, Kenya

Fort Jesus was a Portuguese fort built in 1593 on Mombasa Island. It was built to secure the safety of the Portuguese living on the East Coast of Africa.

The museum is open daily from 8am to 6pm, and entry fees range from $0.99 to $12.

  1. Mamuno Monument (Kangumene Rock Engravings), Botswana

The Kangumene Rock Engravings showcase the country’s rich cultural history with a variety of rock paintings from the Khoisan communities that inhabited the area.

  1. Larabanga Mosque, Ghana

It is believed that the foundation of the mosque mysteriously appeared, in 1421, giving way for Ayuba to complete the construction. Viewing fee is $0.26.

  1. Pemba, Mozambique

Here is where slaves were traded and the Quirimbas Archipelago, which has over 30 coral islands stretching from Pemba to the Rovuma River. Visitors can get to Pemba via daily flights from Maputo at a cost starting from $356.

  1. Isimila Stone Age site, Tanzania

Archaeologists have found tools, stone artifacts and bones in a dry bed that was once a shallow lake from what they believe were from the early hominoids that occupied the area.

The tour takes about 3 hours, and it usually starts early in the morning before temperatures start to soar.

  1. Robben Island, South Africa

The island was used as a place of imprisonment, banishment, and isolation for about four centuries, and is significantly known for housing South Africa’s anti-apartheid stalwarts such as former President Nelson Mandela.

Tours take approximately 3 hours to complete, and costs range from $12 to $21 per person.

  1. The Kigali Genocide Memorial, Rwanda

The Kigali Genocide Memorial located in Gisozi just a few minutes’ drive from Kigali, is the final resting place for more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Tour fee  range from $100 to $150 per group of people, and visitors can take photos and video inside the memorial for a price of $20.

  1. Beit al-Ajaib; The House of Wonders Museum, Zanzibar

The palace was built in 1883 for Sultan Barghash on the site of an older palace used by Queen Fatuma, the Mwinyi Mkuu (ruler of Zanzibar) in the 17th century. Entrance costs $3 and photography inside the museum is permitted.


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