8 smelliest animals in the world

Wolverine display at Arctic Interagency Visitor Center at Coldfoot

8. King Ratsnake

King ratsnake is a large and beautiful constrictor that found in open forests and meadows of China, Northern Vietnam and China.

It’s a defensive mechanism from king ratsnakes to release the offensive odor from post-anal glands when threatened.

They ratsnakes mainly feed on rodents.

7. Earwig

The earwig is a small, dark insect that found throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.

It squirt stinky liquid when threatened to help them defend against predators like frogs, beetles and toads.

6. Wood hoopoe

It’s native to sub-Saharan Africa. It smells as worst as rotten eggs. It is a great defensive weapon for such a medium-sized bird.

5. Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian devil is a strange mammal that only found in Tasmania State of Australia. They release a pungent odor when threatened, to defend against potential predators.

4.  Wolverine

They live in boreal forests and Alpine tundra of Northern Canada, Alaska and Siberia. They release the unpleasant odor to mark their territory.

3. Bombardier Beetle

The bombardier beetles are named after their unusual defensive strategy. When threatened, they spray a foul smelling, hot, noxious chemical. They

2. Striped Polecat

Is found throughout the African continent. Once threatened the striped polecat will growl at the approaching predators as a first warning.

If the predator won’t leave then the striped cats will spray the horrible smelling fluids from their anal glands.

1. Lesser Anteater

Like other stinky animals the lesser anteater releases the unpleasant odor to defend against the predators.

The lesser anteaters are nocturnal, spend daytime in resting in hollow tree trunks.


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