8 Things about Malawi you should absolutely know about Malawi

Thumbs up Malawi
Thumbs up Malawi

Where is is located? Malawi is a Landlocked country in the southeastern African bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Tanzania to the Northeast and Mozambique to the South, Southwest and Southeast.

Government? Multiparty republic with one legislative house National assembly with 193 members.

Population? The current estimates of the population is over 19 million people. With a high population percentage living in rural area than urban.

Monetary Unit? Malawian Kwacha (MK).

Geography? Malawi stretches about 840km from North to South and varies in width from 10 to 160 km. It is bordered by Tanzania to the North, lake Malawi to the East, Mozambique to the East and South and Zambia.

Religion? Christianity and Islam are the most popular faith. But Christianity has a large population of people.

Languages? English is the official language and Chichewa the national language spoken by 57% of the population. Other languages spoken are Chilean, Tumbuka, Chiyao, Chilambya, Chinyanja, Chilomwe, Chitumbuka.

Chewa 32.67% Yao 20.5 % Lomwe 17.6% Ngoni 11.5% Tumbuka 8.8% Nyanja 5.8% Sena 3.5% Others 3.4% Tonga 2.2%

Classification of cities and regions? Malawi has three regions which are further divided into 28 districts. The Northern region (Mzuzu) The central region (Lilongwe) The southern region (Brantyre). Lilongwe is the largest city and Capital Brantyre is the second largest city Mzuzu, the third largest city Malawi Zomba is the fourth largest, the old capital city of Malawi. The name of Malawi comes from the Maravi an old name of the Nyanja people that inhabit the area.


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