9 problems in Africa today

Artistic picture of Africa
Artistic picture of Africa

1. Endless Poverty

Humanitarian organization such as UNICEF, WHO, and Doctors without Borders among others survive on portraying Africa as a dark poor continent to get funding for their quire operations in the continent.

2. Over-dependence on International Aid

It is hard to find an African country that is debt free and the creditors are the so-called ‘Elite Continents’.

3. Lack Of True Leadership

It is obvious that Africans are perishing not for anything but because they lack knowledge.

4. Endless Conflicts

The problems of Africa are still very much tied to wars and conflicts.

The continent is known to be a place where a brother kills a brother and a son a father.

5. Ignorance Of The Intellectual Principles

African leaders seem not to understand the principles or rules that govern the destination of a people.

6. Inadequate Science And Engineering Education

Instead of educating the African child on science and technology, colonialists favoured literature and subaltern mindset that would equip graduates with knowledge only good enough to enable them to assist these people in running their colonial governments.

7. Poor Understanding Of the World

The problem is that most African communities only know too much to enable them to live in their immediate environment.

8. The So-Called Crab Mentality

If Africa has to succeed, she has to jettison the crab mentality of underdevelopment and pursue unity of power and purpose.

9. Media Injustice

The negative portrayal international media gives to Africa makes the foreigners think of this great continent as the darkest part of the world


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