France finds areas for investment in Tanzania


France ambassondor in Tanzania confirmed that France has found three areas for investing in Tanzania; sustainable cities development, solar and energy and climate. He has disclosed that three months to the Africa France summit scheduled for June this year.

The ambassador, Mr Fredreic Clavier briefed journalists on the official visits of six senators who visited to assess various departments supported by France.

“France has been involved in agricultural and environmental projects but Tanzania has the chance to identify areas in which it needs support from France,” Clavier explained, adding that after the planned summit the European will look forward to implementing some projects in Mtwara, Mbeya and Dodoma so as to ensure sustainability.

“We’re willing to support Tanzania in areas where it need our help in terms of expertism in sustainable cities to serve as an example in Africa, Asia and Europe in terms of infrastructures if it really succeeds,” he added.

France has released Euro 1.2 million to support farmers in the lake zone to reduce their cost of pesticides. The delegations will also visit some French companies operating in the country in transport and energy sector.

Senator Ms Marta de Cidrac said that they have come to Tanzania because they want to promote sustainable development and climate change through maximum corporation with Tanzania.


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