A letter from Jackline Cliff to Tanzanians

Jackline Cliff
Jackline Cliff

Former video vixen Jackline Cliff who is currently serving years in prison for smuggling drugs across Macao, China has sent a letter to media personality Millard Ayo and asked him to read it to the entire Tanzanian community.

In the Radio program ‘Amplifier’ of Clouds FM, Millard read the letter she had sent to him word for word for the entire community of Tanzania to hear, as she had requested.


In her letter she says she regretted everything that happened and does not blame anyone but herself for the consequences she is facing and where she is now.


She further warns all the Tanzanians not to believe everything they hear about her condition in the prison, for many cherry pick the most negative information while others are simply making up false accusations.


Jackline also thanked a Tanzanian Athuman Obogojo saying, He is the one person aside from her family who visits her frequently in prison and calls him ‘an angel from heaven’.

In the letter, the former artist also mentioned her ex boyfriend, and now boyfriend of music artist Vanessa Hau Mdee, Juma Jux, saying she misses him a lot. She went on to say, he was not only a lover but also a close friend and that she is happy if he is.


“I found who I really am during my time here in prison…” Jackline Cliff
Rumors have struck that the artist who was sentenced two years ago for a period of time she did not want to disclose was freed. This was in the attempt to explain the letter she had sent to Millard Ayo.


However, the Tanzanian embassy in China has assured the general public that Jackline is still in prison and is not freed of her sentence. They also disclosed that they too are not sure when she will be released.

Dar es Salaam.




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