Man killed by elephant


A Bukore villager Kyambahi ward Serengeti district, Motondi Shakanyi (26) has been killed by an elephant as he and his brother were chasing them from their farm.

The District Officer, Nurdin Babu has confirmed with Mwananchi the incident to have occurred on the 26th, May 2019 when they were chasing them with noise and shouts.

Babu has requested the citizens to be reporting to the police so that they might come to assist in chasing the animals from their areas to avoid more loses.

Krehe Nzumbe, the brother to the late said that when they saw the animals they escaped and left him to chase them.

“Since it was dark and we had no torch and the farm is far from home we warned mom and her daughter from leaving home…. on meeting the elephant he was killed,” he sorrowfully explained.

He further explained that during the incident they were struggling to chase a herd of more than 20 elephants from their farm and when they heard about the incident they rushed to the scene but unfortunately found him already dead.

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