A police who rescued a baby promoted


General Commissioner in the fire rescue police John Masunga has promoted Danis Minja for rescuing a baby who was dumped into a latrine pit of Murugwanza primary school in Ngara district, Kagera region.

Danis Minja was a police constable and has been promoted to a corporal rank. Speaking about the incident, General John Masunga said the constable showed much confidence and therefore he deserved a promotion.

“Constable Minja has portrayed confidence of highest level after we received information of the criminal act. Therefore, I promote him from Constable to Corporal,” said Inspector of fire rescue police Hamis Dawa who explained about the incident.

The female kid that was dumped by its mother was heard weeping in the pit by a resident, which enforced a call for a police. She was taken to a hospital and she is undergoing nursing.

 Nevertheless, the mother of the new born has not yet been found and so the police is still conducting investigation to trace her.


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