A standard four primary is 7 months pregnant


A class four pupil in Welezo primary school in Shinyanga,11 years old has dropped out of school after being tested and found 7month pregnant.

Speaking in a meeting of 30 chairpersons of Usanda ward together with Kilima elders, Elizabeth Mweyo Social Welfare Officer of that council said that the pupil was impregnated in the year 2018 by a so far, unknown man.

She continued attending classes as usual untill a teacher in that school noticed her condition.

“We have met here with the purpose of eradicating early marriages and pregnancies… pupils’ dreans are cut short like what has happened to that young class four girl,”

Speaking in the meeting, the executive officer of Usanda ward Emmanuel Maduhu has ordered the chairpersons of all villages to apply traditional rules to punish the men who impregnate young girls and in this case, children.

The government is also appealed to make proper amendments to ensure that cases related to this do not reoccur.


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