African countries holding elections in 2020

Election box
Election box

Elections always make for interesting times. Which African countries will be holding elections in 2020?

Tanzania will hold elections in late 2020 and this is a sign of democracy. Here is a list of who is likely to have an election in 2020.

Country Election Date
Benin Municipal, Communal and Local elections Scheduled 2020
Burkina Faso President & National Assembly Scheduled Nov 2020
Burundi President Scheduled 20 May 2020
Scheduled National Assembly, Local, Collines Senate (indirect) Scheduled June 2020
Cameroon National Assembly, Senate & local Scheduled to Feb 2020; postponed from Oct 2019 and late 2018
Chad National Assembly & local Scheduled Feb 2020 postponed from late 2019
Comoros Union of the Comoros Scheduled 19 Jan 2020
Egypt House of Representatives Scheduled Apr-May 2020
Ethiopia House of People’s Representatives, Regional State Councils & local Scheduled May 2020
House of the Federation (indirect, by Regional State Councils) Scheduled 2020
Gabon Senate Scheduled Late 2020
Ghana President & National Assembly Scheduled 7 Nov 2020 or 7 Dec 2020
Guinea National Assembly Scheduled 16 Feb 2020; postponed from Jan/Feb 2019
Ivory Coast President Scheduled 31 Oct 2020
Mali National Assembly Scheduled May 2020; postponed from 30 Jun 2019
Mauritius Municipal Scheduled 2021
Namibia Regional Councils & Local Scheduled Nov 2020
National Council (indirect by Regional Councils) Scheduled 2020
Tanzania President, National Assembly, Zanzibar House of Representatives & Zanzibar President & Local Scheduled Oct 2020
Senegal Local Scheduled Late 2020 (from December 2019)
Somaliland (autonomous region) House of Representatives & Senate Scheduled 2020; postponed from late 2019 and Mar 2019
Seychelles President Scheduled Oct-Dec 2020
Togo President Scheduled Apr 2020



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