African Lyon plays for the pride


Yesterday league fixture between African Lyon and Mbeya City, produced 4 goals, each team shared 2, as it ended 2-2. African lyon refused to go down without a fight.

The draw uplifted African Lyon to the 7th place held by Ndanda FC with point equivalents of 47 points. The difference between the two teams is the number of goals scored and conceded.

Before the match Mbeya City had 46 points and 36 goals, Ndanda FC had 47 points and 23 goals. Mbeya City resides in 7th place and Ndanda FC at 8th.

African Lyon dominated the match and succeeded getting the first two goals during the first half. Mbeya City changed their approach in the second half, and produced an astonishing Comeback and scored the two goals back.

Till date, Mbeya City has scored and conceded 38.

African Lyon has nothing to lose because they are already delegated. In all their 36 matches, they drew 11, won 4 and lost 21 matches. They currently have only 23 points.

Winning their next two matches will change absolutely nothing for them in the league.


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