Age might be the reason Pascal Wawa departs Simba Sports Club


The Ivorian centre defender Pascal Wawa might leave the defending champions Simba Sports Club next season as he is running out of days in his current contract at Simba Sports Club.

Sources from the club say there are two things that the management is discussing upon him, is whether to extend a one year contract due to his age or to let him leave as soon as the season ends.

“Pascal Wawa is a great centre defender since he arrived at the club and Simba Sports Club might hold on to him for the next season.

“The thing is his age, and the management is concerned about his age and length of the contract to be signed with the Ivorian centre defender,” says the source.

Pascal Wawa is the great pillar of Simba Sports Club successful seasons since he joined from Azam Football Club.


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