Aishi Manula outnumbered Azam Football Club goalkeeper


Azam Football Club former goalkeeper Aishi Manila has outnumbered Razack Abarola in the Vodacom Premier League goalkeeping statistics.

Aishi Manula who is currently best goalkeeper in the Vodacom Premier League, helped Simba Sports Club since he arrived at the club from Azam Football Club.

In terms of the number of matches each of them played, Azam Football Club played 28 Premier League matches, and Razack Abarola managed to play only 15 matches, he missed 13 matches. Aishi Manula played 21 matches out of 28 matches that Simba Sports Club completed this season.

In clean sheets record between the two goalkeepers, Aishi Manula has 13 clean sheets this season and Razack Abarola managed to keep only 8 clean sheets.

The biggest defeat for Aishi Manula is the 2-2 draw against Yanga Sports Club and Razack Abarola biggest defeat was during 3-2 loss against Simba Sports Club.

The Vodacom Premier League returns to finish the last matches of the season on June 13, 2020, and the two goalkeepers are looking to finish the season with great statistics.


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