All we want is to win Azam Sports Federation Cup, says John Bocco


Simba Sports Club captain and former Azam Football Club captain John Rafael Bocco says all they want in this season is to win the Azam Sports Federation Cup too apart from the Vodacom Premier League.

John Bocco states out of their season objectives is to win Azam Sports Federation Cup irregardless of who they are going to face to get the title.

John Bocco’s statement came out as the response to the Azam Sports Federation Cup quarter finals draws, the draw arranged them to face the defending champions of the Azam Sports Federation Cup, Azam Football Club.

John Bocco says, “We as Simba Sports Club are prepared to face any club, all we want is victory. Azam Football Club is a good team and we know it but our objective is victory and to win the title. So we must win our fixture against them and the other ones until we are crowned Champions of Azam Sports Federation Cup”

Simba Sports Club and Azam Football Club played against each other twice in the Vodacom Premier League and Simba Sports Club emerge victorious in both fixtures.


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