Alliance Football Club goalkeeper asks for fighting spirit


John Mwanda asks his fellow players to wake up and fight for their club in every match. Alliance Football Club needs to fight over delegation for the next season says John Mwanda.

Alliance Football Club stands at 12th place in Vodacom Premier League standings. With 13 complete league fixtures and 17 points, ahead of Polisi Tanzania and Mwadui Football Club.

“Premier League is tough this season, and we need to work hard in every match to get results. Good results will save us from delegation next season.”

“We are not in a bad position, but we need to work twice as hard in our last matches. So when the league ends we will be at the top 5 clubs. We need our fans to support because we need them in our fight,” says John Mwanda

Alliance Football Club, Mbao Football Club and Coastal Union both with 17 points. Only Coastal Union stays in 10th place, with 12 matches so far.


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