Alliance Football Club joins the super eight.


Alliance Football Club has joined the super eight clubs into Azam Sports Federation Cup quarter-finalist. Alliance Football Club knock out other Premier League clubs, JKT Tanzania in penalties after a 1-1 draw in 90 minutes.

Gwambina Football Club from First Division league is also eliminated from the tournaments. As they also lost to Yanga Sports Club by one goal, scored by Haruna Niyonzima, in addition, the time of the first half.
Ihefu Football Club also failed to qualify into quarter-finals after being knocked out by Azam Football Club by penalties.

Kagera Sugar qualifies into the quarter-finals after knocking out KMC in the penalties, after 1-1 draw in 90 minutes.

Following February 26 results, the teams that qualify into Azam Sports Federation Cup quarter-finals are;

  1. Simba Sports Club
  2. Sahare All Stars
  3. Yanga Sports Club
  4. Azam Football Club
  5. Kagera Sugar
  6. Alliance Football
  7. Namungo Football Club
  8. Ndanda Football Club

The only clubs that qualify without penalties’ shoot outs are Namungo Football Club, Sahare All-Stars, Ndanda Football Club and Yanga Sports Club.

Sahare All-Stars is the only club from First Division league to qualify into quarter-finals, the rest seven are from Vodacom Premier League.


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