Teckson Amadu the new Chairman for Mzisonet


By  Aliko Munde

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Mzimba,  Mzimba South Civil Society Organisation Network (Mzisonet) went into polls on Tuesday to elect new office bearers when in all positions contestants went unopposed with Teckson Amadu taking the chairmanship.

A representative of Save the Children-Malawi, who showed interest to compete for the chairmanship, withdrew minutes before voting started without giving reasons.

Disagreements arose before voting as some members didn’t want Mzimba District Education Network (Mziden) to field a candidate to contest, saying it is not a civil society organisation.

It was after some discussions that it was agreed that Mziden should be allowed to field a candidate and the network’s candidate was Amadu.

Amadu, representing Mziden, made it to the chairmanship position. The position for Vice- chairmanship went to ActionAid; Youth Action against Climate Change and Mzimba Youth Organization emerged Secretary and Vice-secretary respectively.

Shine on Malawi grabbed the position of treasurer whilst Tovwirane, Church of Central African Presbytery of Livingstonia Synod, Federation of Disability Organisations in Malawi (FEDOMA) and Mzimba Community Radio are committee members.

The elections were presided over by Malawi Electoral Commission District Electoral Clerk, Elias Nyirenda who after the elections, advised Mzisonet to put its house in order by addressing constitutional matters which have been haunting the grouping for a long time.

“As civil society organisations operating in the district, we expect you to be extemporary when it comes to issues of good governance.

“So, we request your network to address all the constitutional bottlenecks that have been affecting your network,” said Nyirenda.

In his acceptance speech, Amadu appealed to the Mzisonet members to be working as a team for the grouping’s smooth operations

The network last held elections in October, 2017.

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