American family calls police after collecting more than $1,000,000 on the road


One American family has surprised many after collecting more than $ 1,000,000 United States Dollars. The family that was comprised of a couple and two children was in their outing when they saw a rag like a bag on the road in the street of their road.

The family stopped their car, and collected the bag, thinking it was just misplaced. They decided to take it to the right place (dust bin) in the late hours after their outing of the day.

Surprisingly, reaching home in the evening and trying to check inside to note what might be inside the bag, they found millions of dollars in the bag. They immediately called the police to submit the bag of millions of dollars.

Asked why they took that decision, they admitted that the money did not belong to them. The bag seemed as if it was just waste material that was dropped from a truck. The US police are still in search of the owner of the bag.


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