Amis Tambwe praises Yanga Sports Club over Simba Sports Club


The Burundi born striker Amis Tambwe played in the Vodacom Premier League for 6 seasons successfully with two top flight clubs in Tanzania. In 2013/14 season Amis Tambwe joined Simba Sports Club from Burundi top club Vital O Football Club. Tambwe did not succeed in Simba Sports Club as he left after finishing his second year of thencontract in 2014/15.

Tambwe speaks on why he was more successful in Yanga Sports Club rather than Simba Sports Club.
“I enjoyed playing at Yanga Sports Club, because the team was strong, complete, competitive as well as more experienced players. Unlike Simba Sports Club, by then they had more teenagers and young players from development squad. Of course it was the reason why Simba Sports Club did not succeed in that season 2013/2014.”

He then joined Yanga Sports Club were he played for four seasons successfully before moving to Fanya United in 2019/20.
Amis Tambwe legacy in the Vodacom Premier League is well known because he is among the players who played for top rivalry clubs in the country. As well as becoming top scorer in both clubs in consecutive seasons.

Amis Tambwe , has played for six seasons in Vodacom Premier League.


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