Anatha is wake up call; not a diss, seven o more

By Benjamin Sakala
After about three months of ‘foul’ air heading in various directions courtesy of Seven-0-Mores “Anatha” song, the satirical singer has come out in the open and clarified the core of the song. Anatha, a litany of direct jabs at long home but never forgotten entertainers locally, caused a stir to those mentioned at the latter look it as a diss track.
Staged in a Much Shop, “Anatha” manifested as a dialogue between a buyer and a seller in which the former was asking for ‘out-of- stock’ products, cannot activate the inactive entertainer. From musical artist, to Footballers, all the way to comedians, “Anatha” spared nobody.
No wonder, those on the negative end of the litany took to the social Media to counter- diss the song. Veterans like Been Mankhamba, formerly Been Michael, and JB (Jolly Bro) spit fire on the same.
Chavura too released some composition that was not worthy to be referred to as a song all in the name of cementing their relevance in the M-Dubz entertainment industry.
But three months down the line, Seven-0-More has clarified the “Anatha” song claiming it aimed at awakening the forgotten stars from their deep slumber. “I don’t know why some people reacted with such anguish. Maybe it’s just a matter of misunderstanding of it. Actually, it wasn’t dissing them ; rather it was to awaken then as they had been silent for far too long” he clarified.
According to him, he is saddened by the departure of the once popular artists into from the entertainment world. He feels it is high time the once-entertainment news makers revitalised their careers; “In the hey days , M-Dbz was full of entertainment courtesy of some other the artists mentioned in Anatha. Now where are they? I feel M-Dbz deserve an explanation. We need them back!”


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