Areas in which women are marginalized

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As we know, in most parts of the world, women have been marginalized and seen of less value than men. This has created an inferiority complex among women in society, as a result, there is lack in society.

1. Inheritance
In most societies in Africa, particularly in Tanzania, women can’t inherit from their fathers whatsoever. The reason behind this, they claim that the women are married off from the family and so the inherited properties and resources like land become the part and parcel of the second family, in which the woman is married in.

2. Property ownership
Women can’t own property in the family in which she is born. For instance, a woman will only cultivate land to toil it and not owning it.

3. Marriage related rights
There are rights that are directly marginalizing women in African societies. For example, men have the right to decide how many children to bear and when to bear. This is marginalization because the children belong to both parents and responsibilities to keep them as well.

4. Custody over children
In the issue of custody over children, women can’t decide whether to live with children or not. Therefore, when the two couples divorce, the husband always have the authority to decide whether to live with the children or leave them for the wife. In most cases, the children belong to their father after the divorce.

5. Political participation
Women rarely participate in leadership issues like talks involving big people. Men are the ones given such chances in special official talks. It places women in a lower position than men.

However, changes have been made so far and it gives women the power to have a say in society. Nowadays, no one is greater than the other and so all are treated equally.


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