Monday, January 27, 2020
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Check out our daily trending video, from dance and rap to tricks and fun you'll see a bit of everything here. These videos are selected daily by our Editors in Lilongwe. We hope you enjoy them.
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VIDEO: Watch this man try and catch a rat… and then gets run over...

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW Watch these guys trying to catch a rat... and then it ALL GOES WRONG as the rat gets away!!!
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Tredning Video: See how gyming Malawi style can quickly go wrong!

WATCH VIDEO BELOW Check out this video of some young Malawians doing some arm curls with a make shift dumbbell. It all goes wrong when...
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Trending Video: Check out this cool video of Emanuella in action

This FUNNY VIDEO is very hilarious. All Emanuella fan should gather here. Emanuella is really a clown.
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Malawian comedy at it’s best [video]

不不不不 Watch Malawian comedy by Winiko !! Woooooohhh!! Watch our Malawian comedy by Winiko!! Woooooohhh!!! Don't try to Laugh!! This is so funny and interesting to watch!! Automatically...
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Trending Video: Watch this Maths Teacher in action [video]

不不不不不不不!! This is very funny and interesting to watch! This video will make you feel better and you will enjoy it.!! Take a look and let...
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Trending Video: Check out this funny kid

不不不不不不 Don't try to Laugh!! Watch!! First then let us know your comments!! This is funny video and interesting video take a look and enjoy...
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Trending videos: Funniest African wedding dances

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW African wedding celebration parties are a big part of our culture, even bigger and more important are the dances at the...

Trending Videos: Unity LA qualifiers Unity La is everything and More in indestructible" World Dance Watch group dance!!! So amazing and interesting!!! 予予予予予 Wawooooo!!! Crick on the Link and enjoy the video Watch more...
Game of Thrones - Season 8

Game of Thrones – Season 8 – WATCH HERE [video]

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW Check out what looks to be a great new season for game of Thrones - Season 8. Watch the trailer and...
Duke Zion basketball Nike shoe

Basketball shoe breaks during match and injures famous basketball player [video]

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW With Duke Zion destined to be one of the top NBA basketball players with a potential salary...