Azam football Club clear the doubts upon Ditram Nchimbi

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Azam Football Club clears the rumors concerning their striker on loan Ditram Nchimbi. Ditram Nchimbi is playing for Polisi Tanzania on loan spell from his club Azam Football Club.

Azam Football Club Spokesman, Jafar Idi, says Ditram is still Azam Football Club player until his contract ends. He still has eight months on his contract with Azam Football Club and they still pay his salaries.

“Football procedures are known, if they want to sign the player, they must negotiate with his club. They talk about his transfer, it not right, that is why we are silent because Ditram is on loan spell at Polisi Tanzania”.

Quoted Azam Football Club Spokesman as he clears the transfer rumors about Ditram Nchimbi.

Rumors links Ditram Nchimbi to move to either Simba Sports Club or Yanga Sports Club on the next transfer window.

Also Polisi Tanzania Chairman, Charles Mkumbo says, they want to keep him after his loan spell ends. As they are keen to offer him a new contract. His current form is impressive in Vodacom Premier League.

“Nchimbi still has contact with His Club, we spoke to him and he accepts to stay”, says Mkumbo.


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