Azam Football club do not take chances against Mbao Football Club

Soccer Football Image
Soccer Football Image

Azam Football Club management says they are preparing for the worst against the struggling Mbao Football Club on the late Sunday premier league clash. Azam Football Club spokesman says they know Mbao Football Club is a tough side to face especially in the last fixtures of the season.

Azam Football Club will host Mbao Football Club at Chamazi Complex on June 14th, 2020.

Speaking with the media, Azam Football Club spokesman, Thabit Zakaria says the squad is ready for the return of the season.

“Head coach, Aristica Cioaba has started to train and shape the squad to get back into fitness, as they started to train on May 27th, 2020.

“Fortunately all the players are ready and determined on their duties in the pitch, thus we believe to launch our new pitch with a win over Mbao Football Club,” says Thabit Zakaria on their preparations.

Azam Football Club is looking to win over Mbao Football Club so they can keep hold of their place in the league standings.


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