Azam Football Club have extend their players contact.


Azam Football Club announces the official news that they extended the contract with their three players.

Azam Football Club ha extended the contract with the following players;

  1. Andrew Simchima – Three years extension, and will remain at the club until August 2023.
  2. Lusajo Mwaikenda – The full-back has extended the contract with three more years to remain at the club. Lusajo Mwaikenda is one among the player, that graduated from Azam Football Club academy.
  3. Oscar Masai – The full-back’s contract was extended too, and he will stay at the club until September 2023. Oscar Masai’s contract was going to end at the end of the Premier League season.

Azam Football Club had the best season campaign so far. As they are still at the second place in the league standings, behind Simba Sports club at the top.

Azam Football Club has accumulated 48 points after 26 matches, above third-place Yanga Sports club with 47 points.

One point clear the 3rd place Yanga Sports club with 47 points and 4th place Namungo Football with 47 points too.


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