Azam Football Club head coach asks for reformations


Azam Football Club head coach Aristica Cioaba ask for reformations in the Vodacom Premier League especially for the number of substitutions in a single match.

Aristica Cioaba asked Tanzania Football Federation to reform some of the rules and add the number of players allowed to be featured in a single match from the bench.

Aristica Cioaba says if the number increases from the normal number of three players to be subbed up to five players in a single Premier League match it will be fair.

Either Aristica Cioaba says his opinion is based on avoiding fatigue and injuries when the league returns from Corona emergency break because he believes most of the players will not be fit due to the long break.

“If they announce to resume the league next month or two months ahead, I think it will be a wise decision to increase the number of substitutes from three players to five players. If the league returns earlier than expected, thus it will help players and the teams as well.”


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