Azam Football Club outlines their transfer policy


Azam Football Club has made it clear about their transfer policy, and that they are going to sign players that will help the club and not otherwise. Unlike other clubs Azam Football Club is looking to improve their squad earlier before the Vodacom Premier League ends.

“We are not going to sign players by looking at other clubs signings, or which players they are scouting. What we do as Azam Football Club, we are signing players according to the coach demands, our target at Azam Football Club is to do great in every way possible in each season, as well as signing to sign quality players for our club and not trial player .”

He further mentions the challenges of Vodacom Premier League this season.

” The season is quite heavy for every club, this means every team is well prepared. Hopefully next season we will be even stronger both on and off the pitch, we are a few steps away from finishing our ground Azam Complex.”

Azam Football Club also responds to the rumors about their Midfielder Salum Abubakar.

They insist on professional approach upon all clubs if they want to sign any player from Azam Football Club. They should press an offer and sit for negotiations and not spreading rumors.

Salum Abubakar mostly knows as Sure boy is associated with the move to Yanga Sports Club in the next window.

“We are ready to negotiate with any club that wants to sign our players not only Salum Abubakar, but at the right price.”


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