Azam Football Club responds to President Magufuli Statement


Azam Football Club spokesman Zakaria Thabit ‘Zaka Zakazi’ responds to the statement that was stated by the President, Dr. John P. Magufuli concerning the Vodacom Premier League. Zakaria says according to the president’s statement, it gives him hope that the league is finally back.

Azam Football Club is yet to call back all of their players to join the camp for the preparation of the rest of the Vodacom Premier League.

About the time given for the team preparations, Thabit Zakaria says, “For the team to get fit and ready it only needs one to two weeks. First week is for getting their bodies and minds ready and the other week is to work on the team’s chemistry and style of play as a team. At the moment players are working out on their own at home, so if Tanzania Football Federation will offer two weeks will be enough to get the clubs ready.”

Also Thabit Zakaria says Azam Football Club needs to get respect and recognition it deserves and not how people say or treat it as an underdog club in the division.

” People are being disrespectful we need our respect and recognition, we are not underdogs and we are not the branch club, as other says, that Azam Football Club is the branch of Simba Sports Club.

Thabit Zakaria insisted that Simba Sports Club has absolutely nothing to do with Azam Football Club’s existence in the Vodacom Premier League, Azam Football Club is an independent club.


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