Azam Football Club skipper faces disciplinary charges.


Azam Football Club skipper, Agrey Morris faces disciplinary charges after refusing to talk to the press. Agrey Morris refused to talk to the media soon after their match against Tanzania Prisons.

The match that ended with 1-1 draw at Uhuru Stadium on February 05,2020 thus the skipper refused to attend post match interview.

Tanzania premier league board have the authority of taking disciplinary actions upon such actions once conducted. Agrey Morris will have to pay two hundred thousands Tanzanian shillings as fine.

According to the rules and regulations number 14 (14) of Tanzania Premier league about the sports.

Also Polisi Tanzania too, they face disciplinary actions, after refusing to use the allowed entry doors, as they used other doors to enter the stadium.

Polisi Tanzania used non-official entry when facing Simba Sports Club in their premier league fixture in February 04, 2020 at National Stadium.

Polisi Tanzania are fined to pay One million and five hundred thousands Tanzanian shillings according to regulation number 14(14).


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