Azam Football Club spokesman responds to Agrey Morris rumors.


Azam Football Club spokesman responded to the rumours of their team captain Agrey Morris. Agrey Morris is linked with the move to Simba Sports Club in the coming summer transfer window.

“Morris is Azam Football Club player and his contract was extended when he was at the hospital after he was injured in the National team duties. So the news of him linked to Simba Sports Club is not true, for now, fans can relax.”

Mr Thabit Zakaria says, always the best players are linked with the moves to the biggest clubs.

“The best player must be linked with the biggest clubs, that’s because of his contributions to the team. That’s obvious, but there is no official negotiations between us and Simba Sports Club for now.”

As the Vodacom Premier League stands, the defending champions Simba Sports Club is still at top of the league, followed by Azam Sports Football Club at second place.


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