Azam Football Club to miss seven key players


Vodacom Premier League is set to return this weekend to June 13th, 2020 and Azam Football Club is going to miss it’s seven key players who are yet to return to the club.

Azam Football Club will host Mbao Football Club without its regular players in its first eleven for the first time in Vodacom Premier League this season.

Yakub Mohamed, Daniel Amoah and Razack Abarola both are still in Ghana, and they failed to return due to border lockdown because of Coronavirus.

Bruce Kangwa, Never Tigere and Donald Ngoma both are still in Zimbabwe and Nicolas Wadada is still in Uganda.

These players earned their spot in Azam Football Club first eleven under Head coach Aristica Cioaba and have not returned and it’s not known when they will be back as their countries are still in lockdown.

Azam Football Club spokesman, Thabit Zakaria says the club is still working on how to get them back and join the club training.


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