Azam Football Club winger states his motives


Azam Football Club wide player Iddi Suleiman has mentioned his motives in his football career after Azam Football Club. The former Mbeya City player Iddi Suleiman Nado said he does not see his future in Vodacom Premier League when his contract with his current club ends.

Like other players Iddi Suleiman Nado says he is praying every now and then not to get any serious injuries that will keep him out of the team, considering his current top form and performances he shows.

Iddi Suleiman Nado says his personal objective is to work hard for the club and ensure they finish the league with good points.
“For now I want to play well and help my team to win more games and finish the league with good status. It’s also my goal to finish my contract well with Azam Football Club, so I can get a chance to play abroad.”

Iddi Suleiman Nado says before he joined Azam Football Club from Mbeya City the target was to go abroad and play there.

“When I was at Mbeya City my plans did not go well, I was inspired to go abroad and play professional football. Now I believe I have what it takes to get abroad and play because I have improved as a player.”


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