Azam Sports Federation Cup quarter finalist.


Azam Sports Federation Cup continues today and produces first four quarter finalist. On February 25th, four Azam Sports Federation Cup ties around the country features Premier League sides and first division league sides.

Clubs from first division league were Panama Football Club, Sahare All Stars, Kitayosa Football Club and Stand United.
The premier league sides were, Namungo Football Club, Ndanda Football Club, Mbeya City and Simba Sports Club.

The final results were,

  1. Mbeya City 1-2 Namungo Football Club.
  2. Panama Football Club 2-5 Sahare All Stars.
  3. Ndanda Football Club 3-1 Kitayosa Football Club.
  4. Stand United 1-1 Simba Sports Club. Simba Sports Club processed into quarter finals through penalties.

Thus the first Azam Sports Federation Cup quarter finalist are Simba Sports Club, Ndanda Football Club, Namungo Football Club and Sahare All Stars.

Sahare All Stars became the only first division league side to qualify into quarter finalist of this year’s Azam Sports Federation Cup.


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