Azam Sports Federation Cup to be played in Lindi


Tanzania football federation (TFF) plans a survey and final inspection at Ilulu Stadium for the purpose of being used for the FA finals. The inspection will be on May 23, this year.

Ilulu Stadium in Lindi, will be used for Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC). The match will be between the defending champions Azam FC against Lipuli FC.

The stadium directors were told by the Football Federation to conduct maintenance for the coming matches

Tanzania Football Federation Spokesman, Cliford Marion Ndimbo said during the inspection that they will look at the things they told them to attend to on the field are thoroughly dealt with.

“Up to that date, the stadium will be ready for the final which will be June 1,2019 between Azam FC and Lipuli FC. Our biggest concern is the pitch to be friendly, so that we can be the Champions that will represent the nation in Africa Confederation Cup”. Said the spokesman.


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