Balama Mapinduzi states his biggest achievement.

Soccer Football Image
Soccer Football Image

Balama Mapinduzi states his biggest career achievement since joining his new club, Yanga Sports Club. He joined Yanga Sports Club at the beginning of Vodacom Premier League season 2019/20 from Alliance Football Club.

Since joining Yanga Sports Club Balama Mapinduzi developed his ability as attacking Midfielder in the Vodacom Premier League. Balama Mapinduzi says he developed strongly as a player in various ways since joining Yanga Sports Club.

“First of all as a player you must be grateful to play for a big club like Yanga Sports Club. Yanga Sports Club has great players, with great talents and exposure, as a player to be a part of this team helps me a lot to develop as a player.”

” When I’m on the pitch I’m more confident now than I was before, I was new then, new to everything from players to the environment.”

Balama Mapinduzi says as time goes on he will be able to improve himself as a player and hopefully to help his club achieve their season objectives.


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