Be Forward sponsorship termination put in black and white


Be Forward Wanderers football club chairman Symon Sikwese has confirmed receiving a letter from their sponsors be forward with effective January 2021.

The Japanese second-hand cars selling dealer signed a sponsorship deal with the Nomads to run until December 2021 worth K150 million a year, and in July this year Be Forward announced to stop bankrolling the club with finances from January this year as it’s business has gone down due to covid-19.

“We have now received a letter from Be Forward that they will not be sponsoring the club effective January next year. Now that they have put this in writing, we should be able to go into negotiations with other potential sponsors as well as thinking of good strategic plans which can help the initiative introduced by our supporters to contribute a minute of K100 per month with the money to support the club,” Sikwese said.

Sikwese further said the idea brought by the Lali Lubani supporters is achievable following the commitment they have shown during the covid-19 pandemic time towards the club.

“What the supporters are saying can be achieved as they have shown total commitment to the club. They have been contributing money to give to the players and contributing K100 should not be a big thing for them. All that is needed is for proper strategies to be put in place to show transparency on how the money is being used so that the fans should be motivated to continue contributing the money,” he said.

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