“Be patient”, says sulom


Super League of Malawi (SULOM) president Tiya Somba Banda has asked all teams that were to play in the 2020 TNM super league season to be patient as they wait for Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to start allocating them money as relief for the coronavirus pandemic which has hit the world.

FAM announced on Tuesday that super league club players and officials, elite referees and womens football teams will benefit from the $500 000 they received from the world football governing body FIFA but the relief will start going to the clubs in June which has raised mixed reactions.

Blantyre based Ntopwa and Tigers football clubs as well as Karonga united and Ekwendeni Hammers from the northern region have pleaded with FAM to consider releasing the relief fund before June as clubs are struggling financially as they rely mostly on gate collections for revenue.

Speaking in an interview, SULOM President Tiya Somba Banda has asked clubs to be patient as FAM is yet to receive the money from FIFA and procedures will need to be followed as they will be spending the money.

“Teams need to be patient as the FA is yet to receive the money from FIFA. Procedures will be followed as they will be allocating the money to the clubs as FAM will be audited on how they have spent the money.

“As sulom we rely on gate collections as well for revenue and we will also benefit from the fund to pay our employees at the Secretariat,” he said.

Banda also said that once the Malawi government declares it fit for social gatherings which includes hosting football matches, they will give time to clubs to prepare.

“Teams have spent a lot of time without playing football and it feels like we are still in pre-season. So once we are given a go ahead to kick off the league, teams will be given not less than a month to regroup and prepare for the season,” said Banda.


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